Friday, July 17, 2009

Happens Every Day

Happens Every Day (Isabel Gillies)
This was an excellent memoir on surviving divorce. I read it the first time in about two sittings. The author describes how she left a lucrative role on Law and Order to follow her English professor husband to a tiny, bucolic town in Oberlin, Ohio. She thrives there and enjoys the academic life with Josiah and their two small boys. Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans.
Gillies paints an excellent portrait of marriage, infidelity, and its aftermath. She describes her WASP upbringing and displays great strength in the dissolution of her marriage. I have passed this book along to people of all ages and everyone has been captivated. I read this with a group of young adults and they had high regards for this memoir! Starbooks book pick for May. (FYI: Starbucks picks some terrifiic books).

NPR Review by Maureen Corrigan (Interesting article by book critic and Georgetown professor)

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