Friday, July 17, 2009

About Me

I am excited to share some of my favorite books and tips for motivating people of all ages to read. My friends and family have encouraged me to share the many books I read with others. I am so motivated to start a blog and I hope you will all be interested in my posts. Mainly, it is my own catalog of books I have read. You may also see some guest bloggers.
My love of reading began at an early age and in fifth grade, I was privileged to be pulled out class and be included in a group reading Junior Great Books. In the school library one day, I was frustrated and could not find a book to check out. The school librarian directed me to the biography section and I have been hooked on non-fiction books ever since. The point is that everyone enjoys stories and interest is the key word. Find out what a person is interested in and there is a book,article,website, or poem for them! Reading is a life skill.  It creates critical thinking skills and ispiration!
In closing, my daytime career revolves around teaching reading and I hope to inspire you with many great books. Please post comments and give me some feedback.

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