Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!

Dear Self, I love You! Keep Going! is a collection of encouragements I wrote to myself each day through my year of grief to remind me that I am lovable, that life is amazing, and to be brave.
My heart was broken because of a failed marriage, but none of us lives unscathed by life’s disappointments (big and small), self-doubt, and the long list of things we wish we had done differently. In moments when life feels the hardest, there’s an easy decision to make: continue to criticize ourselves for our failings, or open ourselves to the possibility that, yeah, we’ve made (and will continue to make) mistakes, but we just might be lovable anyway.

These Notes helped me remember I am loved, heal my broken heart, and embrace the beauty of my own exquisitely flawed humanity. Sometimes life feels painful or hard, but you are stronger, braver, and more powerful than you think, and no matter what you have done or will do you are worthy of your own love.

Danielle Watson is a TEDx Speaker, Author, and the host of the LIVE Danielle Daily Show where she provides her positive, inspiring, and powerful Notes to Self to people seeking freedom from self-critical thoughts. Danielle also has a rather unconventional background in Anthropology and Archeology (the subject of her TEDx talk) and lives near the nation’s capital where she enjoys a vigorous vinyasa yoga practice, reading memoirs, wearing pearls, and all things red including red wine, red lipstick, and red dresses.

Danielle hosts a LIVE show called, The Danielle Daily Show at 3:00 PM ET where you can tune in for a dose of something positive, inspiring, or powerful LIVE each weekday. During each broadcast, Danielle LOVES to connect with viewers and coaches you to stay focused on the positive with one of her signature “Notes to Self." Free yourself from self-critical thoughts, start talking to yourself in a more positive way and watch your life change. The replays are always available on her YouTube channel.

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The (completely OBVIOUS) secret to becoming free of self-critical thoughts is to start saying nicer things to yourself. If only it were that easy, right? Use Danielle's inspiring book or tune into her show to stay focused on what you’re learning about life and how far you’ve come so that you’ll easily begin thinking more positive thoughts, make better decisions, take more positive actions, love yourself more, and love others more, too. 

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