Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Broccoli Brian

This post is a children's book called Broccoli Brian, written by Joey and Jenny Richardson and illustrated by Ellen Byrne. The book begins with two family dogs,Brian and Milo,chasing a cat called Fraidy. The chase continues over many miles when the conflict occurs and Milo becomes stuck in a muddy pig pen. Brian saves the day with a pouch of broccoli he wears around his neck. Consuming the broccoli gives Brian great strength (aka Popeye). Milo is saved from the swine and the story resolves with both dogs going home for a much needed bath.
This story was born from our dog, Brian's, real love of broccoli and is a gift to our children about our family pets. The message is a positive one: eat your broccoli and you will be strong. We hope others will love it and we will keep it as a family tribute to our two sweet, elderly canines.

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